Published in The Sleepers Almanac X (2015)

The day some weary redneck in need of incident calls up the police station Teresa’s working with and lets them know he’s fixing to pour arsenic in the reservoir, she nudges her door open with her shopping bags and finds her brother lying on the couch with his leg raised and his laptop on his chest. He’s deep in a role-playing game, unloading glorious scorn into his headset. Addressing a fellow mage who’s angered their allies by trading stolen runes for a broadsword, Beau cries, ‘Adjust the scope of your worldview by several orders of magnitude and look up, up, in the direction of enlightenment and reason, and observe how your vision is darkened and almost entirely obscured by the towers of my thighs already rising far above you to support the mighty glass ceiling of my perineum.’ His grand tone collapses into a mumbled hello when he sees Teresa. 

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