Published in TEXT Special Issue 27 (2014)

It will be all right … 
- Maurice, For the Term of his Natural Life, 138 

It will be all right … 
- Marilla, Anne of Green Gables, 122 

It will be all right … 
- Richard, Bleak House, 228

It will be all right … 
- Mrs Assingham, The Golden Bowl, 99 

God will send the dawn and we shall be all right. 
- The Squire of the Grove, Don Quixote, 497 

Anne: He pulled me out of his car and took me around the side of his house to the backyard and there was this huge shed attached to the back of the garage, and he dragged me inside and showed me how he’d made this trapdoor under a tool bench. Like they said on the news, the door was this slab of concrete reinforced with steel. He typed a code into a little box on the wall and the door slid open, and he told me he’d rigged the door so if I messed with it it’d explode.

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