Words in the Shape of Darts

Co-written with Ariella Van Luyn
Published in Rex (2011)

Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell stole library books. When Joe complained their bed-sit was dull and claustrophobic, Ken ripped the pages from the books and glued them to the walls. He gummed the serene face of Buddha cheek-by-jowl with Da Vinci’s Mary, her half-closed eyes forgiving them everything. David’s penis hung just above their heads. In the places where the damp was blooming, Ken couldn’t make the pictures stick, so he outlined the clouds of mould with wide, bright lines, giving the effect of an abstract artwork. Ken left the more disturbing images—smashed skulls and monkeys with mad expressions—in a pile on the desk. He shuffled through them while he dictated his novel to Joe, who only typed the parts he liked and added bits here and there. They wrote in the daylight hours to save electricity.

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